Friday, February 15, 2013

Picture Post

Veronica - doing a great job with those babies!  They are still as fat as can be and getting peach fuzz now. :)  <3 

Mickey - my baby.  Please excuse the yucky looking cage.  That's a combination of Mickey being a buck and me needing to scrub cages (I'm going to do it this weekend, really!)





Ummm...Veronica again. :) 

Dolly - still looking amazing at three years old! 

Guess who?  Veronica. 



....and Veronica!  Can't get enough of this lovely little lady, and she poses so nicely! =)


Updated baby pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hmm. Yes, I think so. ;-)  When I checked on the babies after nursing yesterday, I actually laughed out loud when I pulled back the fur.  These babies are FAT!  Veronica is one amazing first time momma!  Loving my little ballon-bellied-babies.  :-)  I'd forgotten how fun it is to have babies around since it's been a sweet. <3

The Momma

Yes, I have a picture-taking problem. :-)
Will be posting some update pictures of the other bunnies tomorrow! 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Finally!  A healthy, live litter!  Thank you Lord!  Veronica kindled three gorgeous, perfect little babies on Saturday. :-)  She is an amazing first time momma and those babies are doing wonderful!  Fat and happy, and mellow little Veronica has become a growly mother.  =)  It's been so long since I've had a healthy litter so this is great. :)  As for Trixi, still no babies and she's 33 days today so I don't think she's pregnant. :-(  Disappointing, but I'm still so thankful for Veronica's litter.  Will post pictures soon! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting on Babies...

Not much has been going on....I'm just waiting on babies right now.  Veronica and Trixi are due on the 9th and 10th, respectively.  Both are first time mommas and I really hope it will go well with them.  I just hope we're not still having -10 degree nights. :-(  Those are a sure recipe for kitsicles.  :-(  I might just sleep in the rabbitry with an alarm clock to wake up every hour and check on them!  Well, maybe not......  :)
Sorry I don't have any bunny pictures for this time!
I have buyers for all of my bunnies and cages, so it's just a matter of time before I can sell out.  I am excited to have found lots of great buyers!  And helping a new DH breeder get started with such great stock.  So I'll be completely selling out (except my pet, Mickey, of course) in about 8 weeks when babies, assuming everything goes well with them, are weaned.
Meanwhile, my life has been filled with PUPPIES!  They are doing awesome and SO adorable.  Yesterday we gave all eleven of them baths and took their pictures.  I bathed them, Mom dried (with our hair dryer - very efficient!  Yes, we are going to get some better grooming equipment! lol), and Dad took pictures.  :-)  You can see their photos HERE.  So adorable!  :)  We're advertising now, so deposits are $100 each, if anyone is interested in one of these adorable babies.  :) 

A picture of ALL ELEVEN (yes, it took a while to get this!) after their baths. :) <3