Thursday, November 29, 2012

Babies on the way!

Aren't they a lovely couple? :-)  That's Vinson (left) and Trixi (right).  As of yesterday, Trixi is (hopefully!)  bred and I'm sooooo excited to have my first litter of babies out of this gorgeous gal.

Sorry about the lack of posting this week.  Will be doing some more update posts soon, stay tuned!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Faces in the Rabbitry :-)

10 of my 13 holes are currently filled.  I just love all my "faces" in there right now.  :)

All the buns.  <3

Haylie - my big ol' faithful momma.  :)

Dolly - like mother, like...son.  Mickey's mom. Love this tiny litle doe! 

Snowflake - a baby going to her new home soon. 

Princess - who has the four babies right now.  Just love this little lady!  <3

Jasper - my future show hopeful! 

Muffin - another baby going to a home soon.

Mickey - need I say more?  Love Mickey!

Veronica - lovvvverly doe that will be having babies soon.

Vinson - cutie, but not being very photogenic.  =) 

Trixi - sooo gorgeous!  Will be getting bred quite shortly.  Can't decide if it should be Mickey or Vinson as a hubby, though! :)

Friday, November 23, 2012


I finally got around to taking some decent pictures of Jasper (aka Thumper) last week, and now I'm finally getting around to posting them!  :)

What can I say - the pictures say it all.  This guy is GORGEOUS!!!!! 

Love <3

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ahhhhhh! Frozen water dishes. :'-(

Let's does that song go?  "It's the most wonderful time of the year...."  I love that song, only, I don't exactly feel it's so wonderful when the cold weather sets in, despite how much I love Christmas time!  Frozen fingers doing chores, frozen "kitsicles" in the wire, frozen water buckets, ... frozen water dishes.  Yesterday I was thrilled to have the first frozen water dish of the year.  Actually, 13 of them.  So fun!  So I got out my spares I remembered to buy at the last show, put all the frozen ones in the milk room where they could thaw, put the new ones in their places and grabbed my watering can to fill them all up.  Oops! That was frozen too.  So I head over the the water buckets.  Oh, never mind.  Nothing there but ice too.  So....I go up to the house, find a different watering can, fill it up with warm water from the house, bring it back out, etc..... ahhhhhhhh.  Can't wait to do this all winter!  LOL  Oh well, I'm getting into a routine now.  :)   And yes, I will start loving winter again, it's just this beginning part and getting into a freezing cold routine that's not as fun!  :)

Yesterday morning it was TWELVE DEGREES out and SNOWING when I went out to do chores at 6:30am!  I do love the snow, it's so pretty!  :)  I was worried I'd find kitsciles, though, but nope, all four babies were snug as a bug in a rug!  Or as snug as baby rabbits in a furry nest.  :)

My lovely frozen dishes. :)

Snow :)

Captain - one of our great pyrenees dogs.  (Will have puppies born on Christmas!)

Cap again

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lovin' my Juniors

I sure have some hot juniors in the barn right now!  Can't wait for them to become seniors AND to show them in the spring, as well as their babies.  :)

This is, if you want to get an amazing rabbit, talk to Debbie McLaughlin. LOL  Her rabbits are so awesome!  I'm so glad I was able to get Veronica from her. This little girl looks super.  4 months old!

You gotta love that cute head!  It's really been filling out.


So lovely.  :)
And there's my super awesome junior buck, Thumper...I mean, Jasper!  This is so funny, he reminds me SOOOO much of Thumper, when I wrote out his cage tag, I actually wrote THUMPER on it without realizing it!  LOL  And that's what I call him too.  So I guess that's his nick name for now.  :)

Sooo handsome :)

You gotta love those teeeny ears and block head!  :)

He's staying sooo tiny!
And Trixi....actually she's a full blood sister to Thumper/Jasper, and it shows.  ;-) She looks great!  Just wish she wasn't quite so long in body type (but she'll be an awesome brood doe!) and her HQ is just a little pinched.  Hopefully she'll fill in some more.  And those ears...are a little longer than I'd like, but she's got an awesome head, shoulders, and you gotta love that high rounded topline!
I'm hoping to get her bred this week....*cheers!*


Hopefully I'll get lots of nice babies out of these juniors to show in the spring! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Updates

So... a lot has happened that I haven't had time to post about!  I was hoping to have three Christmas litters, but it's looking like I'm just going to have one.  =(  Dolly kindled two babies a week or so ago, and neither survived.  :'-(  I tried reviving them when I got there but they were already gone. :(  *sniff sniff*   And then, Miss Haylie got her nest  box a week ago and has been doing nothing but eating the hay out of it and using it as a litter box. Ugh!  And I've palpated her and I really don't think she got bred, unless I'm in for a big surprise (which I wouldn't mind:).  =(  So...that left things up to Princess, a first time mom.  And she has been totally crazy through her pregnancy....super protective and just about attacks anything moving in her cage.  Eeeek!  So I was wondering if I'd have ANY babies for Christmas!  Wellllll....Miss Princess surprised me and when I went out to do chores a few days ago, there was a beautiful nest with a PILE of fur (she pulled herself bare!) and four PERFECT banded babies in it!!!! YAY!  So, I'm very happy with Princess, who has been keepin' them babies fat n' happy. :)  There is one runt that I thought was maybe a peanut, but that one is doing much better and really hangin' in there.  They all have balloon bellies and are just the sweetest lil' thing ever. ;)  Pictures....

The day they were born :)

Them this morning...oh how fast they grow!  (And look at those bellies!)  lol

One super momma checkin' on her babies.

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Back :)

Sorry for the sorry lack of posting!  :D   We've had a very crazy busy last several weeks.  My dad ran for County Commissioner and so the whole summer, but especially this last month before the election, has been, well, crazy busy!  :)  And I know this is supposed to be a rabbit blog, but you have to say something when your Dad...***wins***!!!!  :-)  I am SO THRILLED that Dad has been elected as 4th District County Commissioner!!!!!! :-)  We all are!  :)  This summer has been so fun as we have ran the campaign.  It has definitely been a learning experience. ;-)  I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and it was a great experience!  Thought you all might enjoy some pictures from my summer/fall....

Putting up a sign for Dad after a late night of door knocking

Dad and I did a LOT of door knocking together.  We knocked every door in the district - about 1,450 doors!!! 

Dad and I on the way to door knocking! :)

Me with the clipboard of voter data - ready to roll!
Our "theme" color for the campaign was red, but towards hunting season we did some blaze orange, too.  ;-)
Door knocking

Dad & I :)
Walked in parades....
Our float

The fam - from left to right in the front: Ben & Jonny. Back: Me, Mom, Dad.  :)
The float & crew again

One of Dad's biggest little fans!  :)
Went to lots of different places and did lots of different things... :)
My wonderful parents :)

Brat feed

Can you tell we've been door knocking all day?


I also wrote a letter to the editor for Dad, which was a lot of fun!  It was in three different papers...

Working on the letter to the editor while Dad puts in voter data from the days door knocking. :)

Vote for My Dad!
As the daughter of a commissioner candidate, to all those considering voting for my dad, Mike Housman, I can tell you from first-hand experience:  he’s the real deal.
I’m 16 years old and have spent a lot of time with Dad, even more so this summer and fall as I (and the rest of the family) have been campaigning for and with him.  Walking in parades, knocking on doors, and attending various events together has been a great experience.  But the best part has been getting to spend a lot of time learning from, and just being with my best friend, my dad.
Dad’s three main campaign slogans: honesty, transparency, and common sense, aren’t just campaign slogans, or nice words that look great on a business card or brochure.  This is what my dad really believes.  These absolutely do describe his character and ideals.  And these ARE the principles he will use as your commissioner.  Anyone can say things.  It’s another thing to do them.  But my dad is a doer. 
My dad is an honest, godly, and upright man.  Dad never has different answers for different people.  Like I said before, he’s the real deal!  He is always honest and straightforward with everyone, as well as very transparent - another trait I admire in him.  And transparency is so key to Dad - this is something that will not change if he is elected as your District 4 Commissioner.  Always happy to answer questions, Dad wants to work on educating and involving the public, and having more transparency in board meetings.  He is accessible, ready and willing to help the people of Meeker County.  And last but not least, Dad possesses a whole lot of good ol’ common sense!  But, as someone once said, “Common sense  really isn’t all that common anymore.”  A “fresh perspective," bold leadership, and a good dose of common sense - this is the kind of leadership Dad will bring to the commissioner board.  While campaigning with Dad the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to ask lots of questions and “talk politics” with him.  I have always admired how he takes a balanced approach, considering both sides of the issue, and yes, using common sense in his answers.  And he does all this in a way I can understand.  I am so blessed to have such a great Dad!
If you are looking for honesty, transparency, common sense, and strong leadership on the county board, vote for Mike Housman.   Dad is not your average “politician."  He’s doing this because it needs to get done, and I know he’s the one for the job!  Elect Mike Housman for District 4 Meeker County Commissioner!
 ....AND.....after all that (FUN!) work, it paid off!!!!  :)
The 62.76%...would be Dad.  :) THAT was REALLY exciting to see!!!  We had a big party election night and were sure thrilled when we saw that.  :)
Congratulations Daddy!  :) 
So, anyways, now that all the campaigning is over, I'm back.  :)  ....sorta.  I'll still be really busy with school, AND it's deer hunting season right now so I'm out on stand a lot every day.  :)  But I hope to be posting a little more now.  Lots of exciting news to share, but for now...I think this post is long enough! :) Thanks for reading. :)
~The Commissioner's Daughter  :)  LOL