Thursday, June 27, 2013


This will be my last post on this blog - after this I'll be turning it into a blog book (so I still have all those posts!) and deleting it.  I had a great 2+ years raising bunnies!  I don't at all regret it, it was an awesome learning experience and a lot of fun. ;-)  It's just time to move on now.  Thank you SOOOOOO much to all of you who helped me out!  Many thanks to Debbie (Hidden Habit Rabbitry) who got me started with great stock, and spent hours on the phone answering my (MANY) questions!  Couldn't have done it without you!  A big thank you to Lindsey (4 Kings Rabbitry) ... I have SO many emails chuck-full of rabbit wisdom from her!  I really don't know that I could have made my rabbits "work" without her advice!  She was SO awesome!  Thank you sooooo much, Lindsey!!!  And there's many other "bunny friends" know who you are...who helped me a ton...thank you VERY MUCH!  You all made my rabbitry a success and are so appreciated!  Also, thanks to my guys put up with a lot from me and my bunnies. :-)  Rejoicing with me over a new litter and crying with me when I lost stuck with me through thick'n'thin. ;-)  THANK YOU for giving me this great opportunity and helping me!  There is NO WAY I could have ever had rabbits with out my parent's support!!!!  I love you all! :)
As I said before, I am super glad I spent a few years raising rabbits!  What an awesome experience and I learned so much.  From showing, to raising and caring for rabbits, to business skills, it was full of learning.  And of course, a BIG thank you to all of you who bought a bunny from Emily's Hoppin' Hotot's!  I would like to end my last post with an email I got this week that MADE MY DAY.  This is from a bunny customer, who gave Snow Flake a fabulous home!  Thank you, Pa!!!!

Hi Emily,

It's been awhile since I contacted you and I noticed that you're not selling bunnies anymore. :( But I just wanted to update you on Snow. She is doing very well and I love her sooo much. I just had to share these photos with you. She is so sweet and cute! She loves sitting next to me on the couch, takes over my chair when I leave my desk, lays on my side of the bed, and lays underneath me while I study. The last photo is just for laughter lols. My husband decided to play a bunny clip on YouTube of dwarf hotot bunnies and she actually watched the whole thing lying like that. She is the sweetest little thing and sometimes I think she's part dog! hahah, I'm so glad I got her. :)

Happy ending!  As ya'll know, I'm keeping Mickey as a pet.  He now has two big cages all to himself and is SPOILED, I must say.  :)  I'm enjoying having my pet Hotot around.  

My favorite picture of me and my baby, Mickey :)  (Who will celebrate his 2nd birthday in a few weeks! :)

 And as you know, I am now helping run our family dog business!  So, I'll end with this picture of our latest addition to our breeding program, Beauty.  :)  Come see what I'm up to at Housman PyrsHousman Farms,  or A Farm Girl's Journal!!!  :)  Would love to hear from you any time!

Thanks again everyone for all your support.  Bye!!! :) :) :)