Thursday, June 30, 2011


My poor bunnies are really hot today.  The thermomoter currently says 96.2!!!  :(  Daddy and I came up with a brilliant idea... I only have three ice packs to put in their cages for them to lay against, so I found some nice big flat rocks and put those in the freezer!  Ta-da!  It works great!  Since I have six different cages to put them in, I have six in the freezer, six in the pens, and rotate them occasionally so they are always cold.  It is working great!  =]  Dolly, who was especially hot, is really enjoying hers. :)  I also have a big fan going on them.

Bella's litter is doing really well.  None have died, so maybe there wasn't any peanuts, but I do still notice a pretty little one... it seems fine, though.  We'll see!  Otherwise they are doing great.  Dolly hasn't popped yet... I'd be surprised if she wasn't bred - but then raising rabbits is full of surprises!  =]  Today is 31 days, so it will happen soon if she is pregnant! 

Well, it is now 96.6 degrees and we're headed to the gravel pit to go swimming!  =]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Litter!

Bella had her litter Friday night sometime during the night!  I was beginning to wonder of she was bred, being it was 32 days.  Impatient! =]  She had six beautiful little babies... they all look like they are properly marked and all that.  Yaaaay!  With dwarf bunnies, there are sometimes "peanuts" which are the babies that get the dwarf gene and are too small to survive. :(  I'm still not totally sure if there are any or not, but we'll see.  They all seem healthy and lively and Bella is as wonderful a mother as ever. :)  I think it's so funny how when she has had her two litters during the night I check on her in the morning and she's just hopping around waiting for her breakfast... I wouldn't even know anything had happened if it wasn't for a little nest of babies! :)
Dolly could be having her babies tomorrow.  I gave her a nest box yesterday.  She enjoys chewing on it! :)  I'm looking forward to her litter.  It's been so nice having her bred, the month or more before I bred her she was a little crank!  She wanted to get bred and was the fussiest snappiest little thing.  I would have bred her but she was too small so I had to wait till she got a little older.  But since she's been bred she has TOTALLY mellowed out, which has been wonderful!  I have noticed her getting a titch more grumpy now that her due date draws near though.  I'll have to post some pictures of her sometime, I don't think I've done that in a while.  She's such a cutie. :)
Here's some pictures of the new babies and mom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Sorry I haven't written in so long! :-(  It's never ending business on the farm in the Summer!  I'm not complaining of course... I love it! :)  So... the latest in the rabbitry....  all the bunnies are doing great! Bella is (hopefully!) going to be popping out more babies any moment.... she's officially due tomorrow, but could have them any time.  Of course I don't know for sure that she's bred, but hopefully! =]  Coming up next week Dolly will be having her FIRST litter!  I hope it all goes well... she's a pretty little gal, but hopefully all will go well.  I'll give her a nest box this Saturday, so as soon as Monday she could kindle.  Comic is doing great of course... he's such a good daddy. :)  He is my best pal.  I just can't help but take him out and snuggle him half to death every time I feed him. :)  He just loves it. :)  He certainly is a naughty little bugger though... his favorite pastime is to knock over his water dish! Grrrrr!  He knows I'll fill it up for him again, so it's a good source of entertainment.  =]
Bella's kits from her last litter are growing up fast... they will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, so next Wednesday they are ready to go!  Jonny and I built another double cage on Sunday so I'm separating them now that they are getting older.  Today I scrubbed ALL the cages (except the new one which didn't need to be cleaned) as well as clipped Bella and Dolly's nails.  It was a busy afternoon.... but it's SO rewarding seeing them hopping around in their sparkly cages. :)  Sorry I don't have any pictures to post... didn't have time to take any new ones today.  Maybe next time! 
So far two of the babies are officially reserved.  I know this is ridiculous, but I still can't figure out if they are boys or girls! :(  Good grief!  I didn't know it would be so hard with bunnies! :) But I have a friend (who is getting one of the babies) coming and she can tell, so she will give me a lesson.  :) 
So, that's a little update for you.  Hopefully (!?!) I'll be posting pictures of new bunnies soon! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


This is a video of Bubbles and I out "playing" today.  Bubbles will be for sale in 3 weeks, but she is up for reservation now!  Go to my "for sale" page for more about that and about Buttons, who is up for reservation too! :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bella and Babies Enjoying Some Sunshine

The bunnies all love to run around in the retired chicken tractor, now the bunny play-pen. ;)  The other day I put the whole litter out with mama and they sure enjoyed themselves!

Two more litters on the way...

Well... a quick bunny update.... I bred Bella to Comic again on May 25th so she is due around June 23rd.  Also, Dolly just got bred for her first time on Tuesday, to Comic, so she is due around my birthday (!) June 28th.  Hopefully they both were successfully bred and I should have lots more little bunnies in a few weeks!