Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Pics

CC's babies are doing WONDERFUL!  Yaaay!  It's refreshing to have a healthy, live litter after the last experence.  CC is doing such a great job.  They are very fat, well-fed little things, which is a relief.  Last time that was the only thing I wasn't satisfied with about her litter, she didn't seem to have quite enough milk for them.  But these ones look great. 
Here they are the evening they were born.  I took them in the house for the night because it got a little cold that night.  I had them in my room and set my alarm to get up and check on them... fun!  :)  It's not often I get to have babies in my ROOM. (Actually, never :)  They were in with CC all night last night, though, and did fine.

And here they are this morning.  WIGGLY!


Miss Dolly gets her nest box today.  And boy, is she ever in nesting mood!  =)

LOL... what a silly girl.  She's been carrying her hay all over for the last few days.  She'll be happy to get her nest.  I'm hoping for another healthy litter!  She was bred to Mickey, a mother/son cross, so I'm hoping for some nice babies, we'll see.

And to end with Miss Regina, because she's such a pretty girl.  She'll be having her own babies pretty soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yaay Chip!

CC had two aboslutely BEAUTIFUL little babies!  They look SO good. YAAAY!   One sport and one black banded, no peanuts.  They are fat, sleek, healthy little babies and CC is doing great!  Praise the Lord for a healthy litter!!!  I'm so excited.  I'll probably bring them in the house their first night, it's pretty cold.  Will post pics later.  :)

Baby Alert!

Chocolate Chip is currently in her box full of fur having babies!  I am so excited.  Today is day 31 and I was getting nervous she didn't take.  But so far things look good!  Fingers crossed for a healthy, lively litter!  I'll post pics on Monday.

My Favorite Rabbit Book

Product DetailsOne of my favorite rabbit books is "The New Rabbit Handbook" by Lucia Vriends-Parent.  It is by far the best rabbit book I've read, packed full of information and tips for the rabbit breeder. I especially like the feeding section, Lucia discusses a lot about feeding greens, etc., and I like the approach she takes, it is very helpful!  There is also a lot of other topics in there... breeding, care, health, behavior, etc.  You can get it for a great price on Amazon.  This is a very helpful book, I would really recommend it for any new (or old!) breeders. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Photo Shoot.... with Baxter & Buttercup

I had so much fun taking spring pictures of Baxter & Buttercup!  Some of these aren't very good, but they are all so adorable.....
enjoy! :)

(Buttercup is sooo teeny.  She still fits in my hand!)

Now, this is what things REALLY look like, MOST of the time during a photo shoot!  =)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photo of the Day

This is a photo of Tiffany with her bunny, Hoppin' Hotots Mogi.  Thanks for the beautiful picture, Tiffany!

(This is parts of an email from Tiffany after she got Mogi)
Just wanted to update you on Mogi! He is so calm. ...... This little guy just is soooo laid back and just loves relaxing. He is always laying down and eating. .....I can easily put Mogi on his back and he doesn't mind. ...... (he) is so quiet and calm...... Thanks again for another great bunny!

(Next Post: Spring Photo Shoot with the bunnies)... :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Rabbitry

Finally!  After my 3rd try today, it finally uploaded!  This is a quick video tour of my rabbitry.  Sorry, it's pretty rough... I'm still working on getting this video editing thing down!  ;)  I'm getting there, though.  So sorry about all the lame parts, this is it, mistakes and all.  :)

As you can see, I have TOO MANY empty cages!  =) But with all my litters coming up, hopefully they will be full soon. 

 And also the rabbitry was a bit un-orderly when I took this, so it usually looks a whole lot better than that. :)  I also just got some more stuff, so I'm still figuring out where to put it... so please excuse the clutter. :)

Enjoy!  :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Having Troubles... :(

Sorry, but unless our (NOT) high-speed internet comes back up, I have tried a zillion times to upload the video but it's not coming!  So maybe on Monday.... ;(

It's Coming...

The video is currently UPLOADING.  =(  But, it's coming, slowly but surely...... :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Folder

I'll admit it: I am too caught up in details sometimes.  For the last year I have been keeping records of all my sales, rabbits, litters, etc., in a big spiral-bound notebook.  Not the most efficient way to do it, let me tell you.  But every time I tried to create a folder, I just couldn't do it.  There just wasn't enough space to record EVERYTHING I thought I HAD to write down!  But, a folder is so much easier to look at quick when I'm trying to remember something, and you can figure out how you are doing in one glance.  So... my solution: I now have a folder and a notebook.  LOL!  I write down all my details in my big, fat ol' notebook, and keep quick, efficient records in my folder.

A lot of my folder pages I got from 4 Kings Rabbitry, big thanks to Lindsey!  Some of them I modified for me and then also made some other ones. 

The cover is: my waiting list!  I often am checking it, so it's nice to have it right there on the cover. 

Then I have my cost/income record (and recipts) on the first page.  I just started doing this.

Then I have all my pedigrees....

Next, my sales records, 2 1/2 pages so far... ;)

Then doe record sheets....

Weight Records:

31-Day Gestation Chart:

Worming Records:

And... you gotta loves this.  These are my pages of notes from talking on the phone with my knowledgeable breeder friend, Debbie, from Hidden Habit Rabbitry... who I also got my starter stock from.  While I'm talking to her, I'm also scribbling down things as fast as I can, as you can tell by some very scattered, messy handwriting!  =)  These notes are some of my most valuable possessions in the rabbitry.  =)... ..seriously, I am constantly looking at them to refresh my brain on something or other (why they are so wrinkled).  Thanks Debbie.  =)

And then... a bulging plastic sheet stuffed full of printed out emails of rabbit critiques from my great friend, Lindsey (4 Kings Rabbitry).  A BIG thanks to her for her time teaching me so much about Dwarf Hotot type!  I have learned tons and tons from her, thanks Lindsey.

So that is the beginning of my folder... I'm excited to finally have something more efficient going, and I'm sure it will really be growing over the next few years!

Tomorrow's Post: Video Rabbitry Tour!