Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Pics

Here are Bella's and Dolly's babies from this afternoon.  So cute.  And lots of energy, so lots of blurry photos!

This one is blurry, but still so cute. ;)

A couple boys from Bella's litter (6 photos above) as well as Dolly's three (gender unkown at this point :)) will be up for reservation soon!  I'll post more info about them later.  :)

Dr. Dad (with Nurse)

So, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, Zahara came down with a really bad cold a couple weeks ago.  I have no idea what caused it... possibly the wacky weather (really cold, then warm, etc.,) was the only thing I could think of.  Everything is super clean and there really wasn't any reason she should get sick... but anyways, thanks to help from Lindsey at 4 Kings Rabbitry and Debbie from Hidden Habit Rabbitry, I was able to treat her and she seems to be recovering well. 

I brought her in the house, actually in my ROOM!  (BTW, mom is completely anti-house-pets, but she made an exception for a very sick little bun).  :)

That corner of my room became a bunny-nursery ;) 

The first day I really noticed she was not doing well, I brought her in the house.  At this point the only sign was that she was not breathing well (had very noisy, raspy breathing) and had stopped eating her pellets altogether.  By that afternoon, she had a runny nose, was sneezing, still not eating, and having a lot of trouble breathing.  I was having trouble breathing too (I was panicking).  :(  So I gave her a 1/2 a cc of penicillin with a needle.  I say "I" did, but actually my expert Dad was so kind as to do it for me.   Here is a short video clip of him giving her her shot.  Dad is so good with them!  :)  They usually don't even jump or anything, he's just a natural doctor. 
And just a disclaimer... Dad really does love my bunnies.  He kindly let me bawl on his shoulder for a while that night when I was positive I was gonna lose the little gal..... so he really doesn't mean all that about "future hassenpheffer," etc.  :)  LOL 

So, the next 2 days we gave her 1/4 cc of penicillin each day.  And the last day Dad made ME do it.  :(  It took me about a 1/2 hour to actually DO it, but .... well, at least I know I can do it if needed.  I don't have a video of that, I'm happy to say.  ;)  Anyways, after those two more shots I didn't give her any more so her immune system could fight it off herself.  But I was giving her yogurt as a probiotic, a little banana to get her back on feed, and oats, carrots, and greens.  I have found banana to be very helpful to get rabbits back on feed, it works like a charm!

So, she is now back in the rabbitry!  She is doing amazing, for how sick she was.  I just need to get her back into condition and I think I'm going to worm her, she is really skinny and bony looking now.  :(  Poor girl, but she is much more herself now and has a good appetite, so she will be gorgeous again soon.  :)  This afternoon I'm hoping to take some pictures of the babies to post, sorry I've been bad about that the last week or so, there has been so many other things to post about!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Sorry I never got those pics posted on Saturday!  After working for hours all afternoon scrubbing cages.... I felt more like going to bed than doing a post!  LOL  So... here we are, finally.


Hiden Habit’s Vinson

Here he is!  I am so excited to have Vinson in my herd.  He is a gorgeous little boy (except for a spot on his ear) who doesn't pose!  These pictures do him NO justice.  :(  He kept hunkering down and stretching out which made him look pretty terrible in the photos!  But he is gorgeous.  :)  He is about 4 months old, out of Hidden Habit's Air and Hidden Habit's Toad.  Thanks Debbie!

A few more photos of Vin...

He looks flat in this photo but he's not.  :)

I know, terrible poser again.  =(

He's really wide!  Love him... although he is a little stretched out in this photo.

I thought this was kinda funny.... the fabric was really slippery and he kept sliding down... which was maybe part of his posing problem!  =)  LOL

And also...

Hoppin’ Hotot’s Zahara

Zahara is an absolutely gorgeous doe out of Haylie and Thunder Hill's Luther.  I love her.  Only right now she is a bit out of condition, because of a long sickness she had a couple weeks ago.... which I will be posting about later.  So this photo is from a few weeks ago.  :)  But hopefully she will be back to her beautiful self soon!  I am so excited about her.  Lots of potential.  She is so compact.

And last but not least! ....

Hoppin’ Hotot’s Regina

Regina is so beautiful.  I love her!  She's a bit of a stuck up little rabbit, obviously thinks she's the most beautiful gal in the rabbitry.... but then, maybe she's right.   ;)  Her head is absolutely amazing... so full and blocky, and she's compact with great depth/height.  She, along with Zahara, is my first home-bred doe to have in the rabbitry, so that is a big one for me!  Out of Haylie and Thunder Hill's Luther.  A few more photos...


There is so much to post about right now, but this will have to do for today!  I'm so excited about these buns.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Arrival

This afternoon was an exciting day.  I was able to do some bunny shopping ..... and pick up a new bunny!  My new buck has arrived and I am so excited about him.  I'll be posting pictures (hopefully) tomorrow.  He is adjusting great and eating and drinking, yaaay!  For my bunny shopping I got some new fabric for a back-drop for photo shoots :) and some sweet potatoes for the buns.  :)

Tomorrow I will be busy, busy, busy.  I'm going to do a big cleaning of the rabbitry.... yes, it seems like I just finished the last one!  :(  But now that I have all my cages in and everything is "settled down" I just need to get everything immaculate and...... hopefully have a break to breath a little bit. 

....Wow, that would be nice.


I finally got time to take some "nice" photos of Haylie.  She is such a lovely girl.  I have been enjoying having her in the rabbitry soooo much.  Plus she has a couple little does that will probably be sticking around, they are more gorgeous than their momma!  She is such a good mom and I just love her.  :)

....OK, although she's not the best poser.  :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Organized

Having a new cage stand and all this exciting stuff has gotten me motivated to really improve and get organized!  :)  I went to the Dollar Store (ahhh, love dollar stores:)) the other day and spent a whopping 13 dollars on an assortment of cleaning supplies, etc.  :)

I also have made a schedule for the rabbitry.  This way I don't have to do a HUGE cleaning once a month... instead work on one thing every day.  (Although I think I might still have to do an especially deep-cleaning every so-often. :))

We also have my last cage built to fill up that stand!  It's a really big cage with three dividers in it.  It's super nice! Now we just need to make the pan for that one and I'll be set to go for a long time!  So excited.  :)
So just a warning to all you coming to pick up bunnies soon, the rabbitry is a bit, well, unorganized right now.... or shall I say, "under construction!"  :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 21

Sorry I've gotten a little behind on my days, LOL!  I usually remember to take the photos, but posting them.... is another thing.  :)  Anyways, they are as of this morning, growing like nuts and are now bigger than that dollar bill.  =D

DAY 21

Dolly's three remaining babies are doing really well, thankfully. They now have fat bellies and are growing well.  And I just saw the first little bit of black eyes today... they are opening!  ;)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bunny Adventures/Day 17

I got a great scare this morning!  When I opened the milk room door to go check on them, a teeny white baby when dashing across the floor into a feed barrel.  I FREAKED out!  Dad helped me catch the little bugger and thankfully he was just fine.  He actually looked quite proud of himself..... grrrrrrrr.

I was convinced he was laughing at me! 

But really, he could have easily been dead by the time I got there.  He jumped out of the nest box, crawled over the towels I had put around it just in case one happened to jump out, and then fell or jumped the 2 or 3 feet down onto the cement floor!!!  And then wandered around until I came in and just missed stepping on him.  He apparently thought it was hilarious, but I, for one, was scared to death thinking he was going to have a broken leg or something.

Oh well, "he who laughs last laughs longest!"

..... he won't be doing that again.


Anyways.... here is day 17.  =)

And also, I lost yet another one of Dolly's kits this morning.  :(  The little guy was, well, little, and just couldn't seem to get anything at nursing time, everyone else being quite a bit bigger than him.  I attempted force feeding him, but he didn't make it.  :(  So now I have THREE left and am hoping they will pull through.  They seem to be fat, healthy little things, so hopefully they'll be OK. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on Babies/Day 16

Unfortunately I lost one of Dolly's babies last night.  :(  It was such a big litter and I think she didn't have quite enough milk for them all.  She's barely 2 pounds, so this is a lot for her.  I'm giving her as much as she'll eat though, about 2 cups a day... wow!  =)  Hopefully the rest of the kits will keep hanging in there, fingers crossed.

Bella's babie are SO CUTE.  They are at the cutest-ever stage right now, and they are becoming very social, friendly little buggers.  ;-)  I just love them.  :)

Here they are on Day 16!

And some cute photos I took this afternoon.  My friend Julia gave me these rose petals.... super cute, thanks Julia!  =)

At first I attempted lining up all four for a photo shoot.... but after chasing 4 bunnies (it seems like 10 of them, though) around the counter for a few minutes, and getting nothing better than this:

....I decided one would be a bit more maneagable! =) 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exciting Plans!

I am really excited!  I have finally made some decisions about rabbits!  (About time, huh?)  I decided to trade Comic for a different buck from my friend Debbie of Hidden Habit Rabbitry.  The little buck coming is absolutely gorgeous and should be a great match with some of my new does.  SO excited!  I will be picking him up hopefully next week.  Also, I am going to be keeping the two does from Haylie's litter.  That is, I think they are both does, not totally sure about one, though.  :)  I'll post pictures of them soon.
So... being I'm keeping both of them, I also have to sell some of them (the hard part).  So Bella will probably be going when she weans her litter.  I'll be sad to part with her, but I'm excited for my new girls, and she will be an awesome starter doe for my friend, Julia.  She is a great mom.  I may sell others, but I'm still deciding on that.  I will also be getting a doe from Debbie, but she has yet to be born.  =)
So... I'm so excited to welcome new bunnies!  Pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 14

They are getting to the really cute stage!  So adorable.  <3   :)