Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Surprises

There's simply NOTHING like pulling back the fur and finding a warm nest of pink, wiggling babies!  Dolly kindled yeserday afternoon.  She had three little babies, including a peanut, who died overnight.  But the other two are healthy, happy, bouncin' little babies!  The thrill of finding a new litter never gets old and I'm sure never will!  It's just wonderful.  :)
I'm really happy to finally have this litter.  I was hoping for atleast one more than two because I have a couple people wanting babies from this litter and I was hoping to keep a doe so.... we'll see how it all works out.
But I'm thrilled to have a litter again finally!  And they are all black banded, no sports!  Yeah!  I've had nearly 20 babies this spring/summer, since I started my rabbitry, and haven't had a sport yet, which is surprsing but great!

So, good job to my wonderful little momma Dolly and I'll keep ya posted!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

26 and Counting...

Yesterday, day 26, I gave Dolly her nestbox!  So.... as early as tomorrow morning she could be popping out kits!  I'm super excited!  Of course my disclaimer, though; this is assuming she's bred.  :) 

Monday, October 24, 2011


Everything is very quiet around the rabbitry now that all the babies are gone!  I haven't had no little babies running around in quite a while!  The remaining little doe went to her new home a couple days ago.  She went to live with a family who needed a kid-friendly house bunny to replace their pet that died.  I know they are going to have so much fun with her!  :)

So, now I am left with just my faithful four: Comic, Dolly, Bella, and Mickey. 

But hopefully a little litter from Mrs. Dolly will be arriving around next Friday!  And I'm considering breeding Mrs. Bella if she's willing, so we'll see what happens!  :)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Just a quick update - Moustache went to a wonderful new home today, so he's not available anymore.  :)  I'll miss him dearly, but he went to a great home where he's gonna be spoiled!  =)  That leaves the two remaining sweeties... Minnie and Mister.  :)
In case you haven't noticed on my pages, I have three sweet little 9-wk.-old kittens for sale!  :)  They are all the happiest, healthiest, most playful and adorable little kittens you'll ever meet.  :)
They get lots of attention and are taken good care of.  They've all been handled a lot by kids and are totally people-friendly.  Their Mama is a great mouser and they will be too!  :)  I'm asking $20.00 each for them to good homes.

This is Minnie...

Minnie is SOOOOOOO adorable!  She is a cuddly little girl, but her favorite thing to do is play... she loves to play and just roam around.  She's very adventerous!  :) 

This is Mister....

Mister is SUCH a sweet, gentle, laid-back little kitten!  He just loves to snuggle and hang out.  He would be a great one for kids.  :)

This is Moustache....

Moustache is too much fun!  He's SO playful, but he also LOOOOOVES attention!  He purrs and purrs whenever I pick him up.  :)  He's so friendly!  Not to mention he's so cute!  :)

Contact me if you're interested in giving one or more of these cuties a good home!  :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Photos

It sure has been beautiful, all though a little chilly, weather the last few days!  So I took advantage of it and took some cute fall photos with the bunnies!

Mickey & I

Mickey & I again






....and MICKEY!  :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Email Made My Day!

I got this email from a bunny customer who just bought one of Dolly's little bucks on Sunday.  It absolutely MADE MY DAY!  And I'll admit I almost cried when I read it....  =}

"I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much! :) I named him "Mochi" after a Japanese ice cream treat. (It's basically a little dough ball filled with ice cream) I just want to comment you on something! Thank you for putting so much time and love raising your bunnies! Mochi is sooo friendly compared to previous bunnies we have got from pet stores. He is so funny! He grunts all the time and purrs! It's so cute. And when you put him down or in his cage, he just plops down on all floors and just sits there, sometimes grunting. Haha. I only had him for less than a day, but he is perfect! Thank you so much! :) I'm starting to potty train him, but he loves laying down in his litter box. He is a cutie! I definately won't go to another breeder when looking for a Dwarf Hotot becauae you do a great job raising and giving them the love they deserve! I will send you photos as soon as I can! :)"

Can anyone else tell that Mochi is going to be one spoiled little guy!?!?  :)  It is so great to know that bunnies are going to such great homes and the new owners are happy with their bunnies!!!  Thanks so much to all of you who have supported me on my bunny adventure!  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Ahhhh.... there is NOTHING like a clean, and I mean reeeeally *CLEAN* rabbitry!  :)  I just cleaned my rabbitry and it is SO nice.  I usually clean it once a week on Thursdays, but then I have a BIG clean about once a month.  :)  So  I started at the beginning and scrubbed all the cages with hot soapy water then rinsed them. I set them out in the grass to dry off.  And because I only have two pet carriers to put the bunnies in while I am cleaning their cages, I had to put the bunnies in their cages in the grass while they were drying off.  It really was a cute sight... all the sparkling cages lined up in the grass with white bunnies hopping around enjoying the sunshine.  :)  So then I cleaned up the latest collection of rabbit pebbles and put fresh straw down after mopping the floor.  Then all the bunnies got put back and I scrubbed their dishes.  ....and broke three of them in the process!  ={  Oops!  And I did a few other odds and ends... wiped down the shelves, swept down cobwebs, and hung up hutch cards.  I've found hutch cards to be really nice!  I got the idea out of a bunny book I read... they are just little cards I hang on their cages.  So for Dolly I have one that says when she is due, when to give her the nest box, etc.  It works great!  That way I'm not always having to run to the calendar to double check things.  :)
So... anyways... that's just what's been up around the rabbitry.  :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Homes

Today a little buck from Dolly's last litter went to a new home with Jena who lives in Wisconsin.  He is going to a great home and I can tell he'll be a spoiled bunny!  :)  It's always a little sad seeing the furry little bunnies going away, but I'm always happy to see them go to such great homes and it's especially fun when people email and let me know how they're doing... I love that!  ;)  And it's nice to have the extra cage space, which hopefully will be filled up again soon!  :)
Tomorrow the other little buck from that litter will head to his new home.  That leaves just the little doe!  She sure is a cutie.  She just LOVES getting her head scratched.  :)  And the litter turned 8 weeks old today, so she's ready to go!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photos of The 3

OK, these guys are just too cute...

I have a serious problem, though....their names are: #1, #2, and #3. :(   Help!  Anyone have any name ideas?  Let me know!  =)

They are growing up way too fast.  My favorite so far is #3.  He is the sweeeeetest little guy.  He's a mini-Mickey.  :)  When I pick him up and cuddle him he starts grunting and licking me.  :)  They are all just adorable.

I'm going to put them up for reservation now.  Decide quickly if you want one because they go faaaast!  ;)  Click here for info about them!