Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the Farm, Comic and Dolly! :)

I just purchased my first pair of bunnies, Comic and Dolly! You can read about them on their pages.  It was a really exciting day last Wednesday when we went to Hidden Habit Rabbitry and picked up my new bunnies!  I was so excited!  It was a long afternoon... me and Daddy left at about 1:30 in the afternoon and got back at 8:30 at night!  It was 4 hours of driving round trip, but worth every second of it!  After we got the bunnies, we went shopping for all the equipment we would need.  We decided to buy wire instead of rabbit cages and Dad built me the most beautiful cages yesterday.  They are so nice and big and the bunnies just love them. :)  Thanks, Dad! :) 
I'm so thrilled about this opportunity, and I'm determined to do the best I can to raise my bunnies!  I am going to purchase another doe, as Dolly is not old enough to have babies yet, so I'll be looking for an older doe to buy.  Comic and Dolly are adjusting quickly, and we are becoming best pals quickly. :)

Me and Dolly. :)

Me and Comic. :)


Janice said...

Wow Emily! Congrats on your new enterprise. Now you will be busier than ever. Love, Grandma Janice

Emily said...

Thanks, Grandma! Yes, I'm sure I'll be very busy. :)I am so excited, though! :) Love, Emily