Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raising Bunnies Runs in the Family!

Grandma Housman recently sent this old picture to us.  It is Grandpa when he was little with his Checkerd Giant rabbit.  :) I was thrilled to find out that raising bunnies runs in the family! :) :) :)

I've been having some troubles with bunnies lately.... Bella is supposed to be bred, but then she was showing signs that she maybe wasn't, so now I'm waiting for her go go into heat, but she's not.... and I'm not really sure what is going on with her!  But time will tell.... I just have to have a little patience... I'm not very good at that, though! :)  And Comic is having some problems.... I switched some things around with his pen and stuff, and he quit eating!  (He has some serious pouting problems, sometimes!)  So I've been giving him probiotic and all sorts of special treatment... he is showing some improvement now, though, thankfully!  He can be a very stubborn little rascal, but I just love him. :)  I don't think he loves all this treatment, though!  I think if it wasn't for good ol' Dolly, my sanity would be at risk.... thank goodness she hasn't had any problems.... yet.... :)  Oh well, I think as a new "mother" I'm maybe just a little over worried..... remind me I said that in a week......

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