Monday, April 11, 2011

Things are going better around here, finally.  Comic is eating again, thank goodness, and I'm just waiting things out with Bella.  She doesn't want to be bred with Comic, so she is probably already bred.  I hope she is.  If she is she is due around Easter, and I can't wait!!!  Dolly will be able to be bred fairly soon, hopefully next month if she is big enough.  I have been doing a lot of researching and reading about rabbits lately.  I got all my papers organized in a file box and ordered some books.  I also signed up to be a member of the ADHRC (American Dwarf Hotot Breeders Club) which has been great.  I got a ton of info in the mail and have been reading through every bit of it! :)  So I'm busy, busy, busy!  But enjoying every moment of it and learning as much as I can!  Looking forward to baby bunnies!

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