Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything is busy and good in the rabbitry.....

Well, a quick update on the bunnies.... Bella's will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and are weaned and on their own!  :)  Dolly's turned 4 weeks old today, so I need to wean him... and yes, it's a him.  :)  Most surprisingly, all the baby bunnies I have right now are all "HIMS"!!!  Whew!  But of course I could be wrong... but it is sure what it looks like to me.  All the other bunnies are fabulous.  Bella is enjoying a little break from raising babies, Dolly is 1 week along (presuming she's bred, of course) and Comic is just hanging out making trouble.  :)  Dolly's little buck is the spitting image of his Daddy.  I'm really liking him!  He's soooo adorable!  I think he's the cutest baby I've had so far.  And not to mention the tamest, 'cause he gets all the attention around here, being an only kit and all.  He's definitely a favorite in the rabbitry!  :)  Spoiled rotten. ;)
These pictures are of the bunnies enjoying their greens this morning.  Red Raspberry leaves and dandelion leaves on the menu today.  I've also been giving them kale, parsley, and other yummies from the garden.

Bella's busy 6

Spoiled Rotten enjoys a red raspberry leaf.  :)  OK, that's not really his name, although it does fit.  :)  He's such a sweetie though.  :)  Any name suggestions????  Let me know!  :)

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Mindy said...

Dad and I were thinking, that since he is "spoiled", maybe you would want to call him, Moldy, Compost, or Blue Cheese. :)