Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm convinced that the 2-3 week age is the cutest stage for bunnies!  They are so cute!  Bella's are now venturing out of the nestbox, I tipped it on it's side.  They're the most adorable, hilarious little things.... they look like cotton balls hopping all over in there!  :)
Dolly's baby is an absolute chunk.  She/he is now BIGGER than Bella's babies... who are a week older than she is!  =0  It's hilarious.  She's/he's absolutely adorable.

Dolly's baby peeking out

Aren't those dark eyes so cute!?!

This one is washing his face :)

One of Bella's.... I think we have to agree that they are the cutest things on earth!

Dolly and baby... I think she's going to outgrow her mother pretty soon! :)  lol

A couple short video clips of Bella's kits. 

Watch towards the end of this one.... one of the babies is camera shy!  :)