Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well, I now have a new addition to my little herd!  We picked up Mrs. Bella last Monday from Hidden Habit Rabbitry, after what seemed years of waiting!  (Just ask my family.... they had to endure my talking about nothing but her for 3 days straight!!!) Bella is a gorgeous doe.  She is already bred to Comic's half brother, Air, a really nice buck.  I haven't gotten any good pictures of her yet, but I'll post them when I do.  Right now I just have her in a box while I wait for Dad to get some more cages built. I'm so excited about Bella! :-)


Janice said...

Bet you're as busy as a beaver...or a mother hen...or a RABBIT CARETAKER! Sure hope you have good luck with them. But how will you be able to part with the little baby bunnies when it's time? Grandma Janice

Emily said...

Yup, I'm VERY busy! Especially today... I'm in the process of breeding Bella, because actually she is apprently NOT bred! :( So I'm breeding her to Comic. And I'm having some difficulties with Comic,too. He is having a pouting fit over some changes and hasn't eaten in two days. I'm so worried. But he seems to be coming around now. I gave him a probiotic :/ and hopefully that will do the charm!
And as for parting with the baby bunnies... I'm sure it will be hard, but atleast I'll know there will be lots more. :)
Thanks! :) Em