Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comic and Dolly Enjoying Their Carrots

I think my bunnies favorite food are carrots!  They just crunch them right up. Here are some pictures of them enjoying their carrots. ;) 


Jean said...

Your bunnies are so cute Em. They look so nice and clean. Are they?
Will they get any bigger then they are? Love you, Grama ♥♥♥

Emily said...

Hi Grama. :) Yep, I try to keep everything clean for them. :) Comic won't get any bigger, at least not anything noticable, and Dolly will keep growing until she's about as big as he is, maybe a little bigger, but then, maybe not. :) I am probably going to be getting another doe here soon, so I'll have to post about that when everything is final! :) I'm excited! :) Thanks for the comment, love you too! Em <3