Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chore Time

I do rabbit chores once a day, usually in the morning.  They are very quick and easy... as well as fun!  Every day they get a good handful of grass hay and some rabbit pellets and fresh water.  Then I rotate oats and carrots every other day, so one day they get oats, the next carrots, etc.  I also give them an apple branch or two to gnaw on, and they love them!  Dolly especially likes them.. she just strips all the bark off them. :)  I try to clean out their pens pretty often and I brush them once a week.  They are so easy and fun! :)  Here are some pictures of me brushing them down.
Comic getting groomed by me! :)
Dolly getting brushed.  I use a flea brush first, and then I get my hands moist so that the fur will stick to them and run them up and down their coat.  It works really well, and they seem to enjoy it. :)

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