Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bunnies are Famous! :)

Once a month we sell at a Farmer's Market outside of a little home decor shop in Dassel called "The Little Red Hen."  It is always a lot of fun and we always do really well there, so I thought of a brilliant plan...
 what could be better marketing than to bring a few absoluuuuuutely adorable bunnies along?  So Thursday morning I packed up three bunnies in a basket, made a flyer and got some business cards together.  Oh my, were they ever a hit!  It was hilarious watching all the reactions.... everyone LOVED them!  The owner of the store took one all through her store showing everyone, and then walked one down the street to the Main Street Cafe and showed it off there.  =]  Someone else asked if they could take one a few minutes away to their Dad/husbands work and ask him.  So they were all over town! :)  It was a great way to advertise, and I handed out lots of business cards. :)  One lady said it all .... "who could resist that???"  Here are some pictures of the famous bunnies. :)
(They love to hop around on my lap in between people) :)

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