Monday, May 9, 2011

Growing Fast!

The bunnies are growing fast!  They are really starting to look like Dwarf Hotots now, they actually look white now and their black bands are very obvious. :)  These are pictures of them just this morning.

OK, I know I've said this before but THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!   I just absolutely LOVE them! :)  I've been "captured by bandits" as someone put it. :)  And they are going FAST!  Already I have one sold "for sure" and possibly up to 3 more and then I might keep a doe... so, well, there goes the whole litter! :)  

I am increasing Bella's feed now, boy does she scarf it down!  I would too if I were feeding 5 hungry babies!  An interesting fact about bunnies.... they only feed their babies once a day!?!?  So I've actually never seen her nursing them (!)  but it seems she is because... well, for one, all the kits are still alive :) , but when I go out in the mornings then nest seems to be re-arranged, but I haven't caught her in it yet!  With everything green and growing, I have been feeding the bunnies plantain leaves.  They all love it and I'm sure they are really good for them!  This one book I'm reading talks a lot about feeding them a lot of green food, since that is what is natural for rabbits, so I've been trying to do that more. 
So, that's the latest update around "Emily's Hoppin' Hotots!" *grin*  =]

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