Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yahooo!!!!! Bunnies!!!!!!!!! :)

The anxiously awaited day has FINALLY come!!!  Sometime in the middle of the night last night Bella gave birth to the most adorable babies on earth!!!!  When I went out to do chores this morning I, of course, went to check on Bella first.  I was feeling rather discouraged as I walked up to the door of the room in the barn she is in, as I was thinking about how there wouldn't be any bunnies... that's how it was every morning, I was all excited and hoping there was bunnies and there was... no bunnies... no bunnies... no bunnies.  By now it seemed impossible that she would ever have babies, and I was wondering if she was even bred!  I opened the door.  There was Bella, sitting on the other side of the nest box, as usual, like every morning.  I could see her big velvety ears peeping up on the other side.  I sighed and peeked, as usual into the nest box and ..... there was a furry little NEST!!!! BUNNIES!!!!!  It was SO SURPRISING!!!  I did not suspect it AT ALL!!!  There was a neat little pile of fur in the nest box.... the nest!

WOW!!!  I was speechless!!! :-)  I stared at the fur... there wasn't a kit in sight... but then it moved!  There was babies underneath/in it!!!!!  I went screeching out of the barn and screamed to Dad that Bella had her babies!  I was crying and laughing and not really sure WHAT to do!!!  It was so wonderful!  I FINALLY got a litter, after what seemed like years!!!  :-)  (I think I am actually just impatient!)  :-)  So I called my bunny friend who I've gotten all my bunnies from.  I call her whenever I have questions, she is so wonderful!  She said it was fine to go ahead and peep in there.  So I pulled back some fur and this is what I saw!

I was so excited!!!  There was FIVE!!!!  And, as far as I know, I got real lucky and there is no peanuts or sports or anything!!!  They are all gorgeous!!! Black eye bands and all!!! I am SO THRILLED!!!  My first litter!!!!  They are SO CUTE!!!! 
And I forgot to mention.... my Dad feels very honored because they were born on his birthday!!! lol  :-)
So, I will have adorable bunnies for sale in about 8 weeks!!!! 
The wonderful mother checking on her babies. :)

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