Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Sorry I haven't written in so long! :-(  It's never ending business on the farm in the Summer!  I'm not complaining of course... I love it! :)  So... the latest in the rabbitry....  all the bunnies are doing great! Bella is (hopefully!) going to be popping out more babies any moment.... she's officially due tomorrow, but could have them any time.  Of course I don't know for sure that she's bred, but hopefully! =]  Coming up next week Dolly will be having her FIRST litter!  I hope it all goes well... she's a pretty little gal, but hopefully all will go well.  I'll give her a nest box this Saturday, so as soon as Monday she could kindle.  Comic is doing great of course... he's such a good daddy. :)  He is my best pal.  I just can't help but take him out and snuggle him half to death every time I feed him. :)  He just loves it. :)  He certainly is a naughty little bugger though... his favorite pastime is to knock over his water dish! Grrrrr!  He knows I'll fill it up for him again, so it's a good source of entertainment.  =]
Bella's kits from her last litter are growing up fast... they will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, so next Wednesday they are ready to go!  Jonny and I built another double cage on Sunday so I'm separating them now that they are getting older.  Today I scrubbed ALL the cages (except the new one which didn't need to be cleaned) as well as clipped Bella and Dolly's nails.  It was a busy afternoon.... but it's SO rewarding seeing them hopping around in their sparkly cages. :)  Sorry I don't have any pictures to post... didn't have time to take any new ones today.  Maybe next time! 
So far two of the babies are officially reserved.  I know this is ridiculous, but I still can't figure out if they are boys or girls! :(  Good grief!  I didn't know it would be so hard with bunnies! :) But I have a friend (who is getting one of the babies) coming and she can tell, so she will give me a lesson.  :) 
So, that's a little update for you.  Hopefully (!?!) I'll be posting pictures of new bunnies soon! :)

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