Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Litter!

Bella had her litter Friday night sometime during the night!  I was beginning to wonder of she was bred, being it was 32 days.  Impatient! =]  She had six beautiful little babies... they all look like they are properly marked and all that.  Yaaaay!  With dwarf bunnies, there are sometimes "peanuts" which are the babies that get the dwarf gene and are too small to survive. :(  I'm still not totally sure if there are any or not, but we'll see.  They all seem healthy and lively and Bella is as wonderful a mother as ever. :)  I think it's so funny how when she has had her two litters during the night I check on her in the morning and she's just hopping around waiting for her breakfast... I wouldn't even know anything had happened if it wasn't for a little nest of babies! :)
Dolly could be having her babies tomorrow.  I gave her a nest box yesterday.  She enjoys chewing on it! :)  I'm looking forward to her litter.  It's been so nice having her bred, the month or more before I bred her she was a little crank!  She wanted to get bred and was the fussiest snappiest little thing.  I would have bred her but she was too small so I had to wait till she got a little older.  But since she's been bred she has TOTALLY mellowed out, which has been wonderful!  I have noticed her getting a titch more grumpy now that her due date draws near though.  I'll have to post some pictures of her sometime, I don't think I've done that in a while.  She's such a cutie. :)
Here's some pictures of the new babies and mom.

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