Thursday, June 30, 2011


My poor bunnies are really hot today.  The thermomoter currently says 96.2!!!  :(  Daddy and I came up with a brilliant idea... I only have three ice packs to put in their cages for them to lay against, so I found some nice big flat rocks and put those in the freezer!  Ta-da!  It works great!  Since I have six different cages to put them in, I have six in the freezer, six in the pens, and rotate them occasionally so they are always cold.  It is working great!  =]  Dolly, who was especially hot, is really enjoying hers. :)  I also have a big fan going on them.

Bella's litter is doing really well.  None have died, so maybe there wasn't any peanuts, but I do still notice a pretty little one... it seems fine, though.  We'll see!  Otherwise they are doing great.  Dolly hasn't popped yet... I'd be surprised if she wasn't bred - but then raising rabbits is full of surprises!  =]  Today is 31 days, so it will happen soon if she is pregnant! 

Well, it is now 96.6 degrees and we're headed to the gravel pit to go swimming!  =]

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