Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bunny Update

Sorry for not posting in a while!  Summer is so busy!  Everything is going well with the bunnies!  Dolly is due next week!  I hope she has babies and everything goes well.  Bella's litter is growing quickly and eating me out of the rabbitry!  ;)  Here's the whole litter outside.  :)
Dolly's baby is growing quickly and looking great.  I'm tired of calling him "Dolly's baby" but I can't think of a good name for him!  Anyways, he's adorable.  :)  I think he looks so much like Comic.

In the morning I leave his cage door open while I'm feeding him so he can run around and get some excersise.  At first he couldn't jump out, but this morning he backed up, leaped forward and cleared it!  We (Jonny was helping me do chores) got a good laugh out of that!  It was hilarious!  :)

Jonny loves "Puffball" as he calls him.  As soon as we finish milking, it's off to the rabbitry to hold him!  :)  So cute. :)

It's been nice to have a break from the heat the last couple days, and I know the rabbits are enjoying it too. 
So... I'll probably (hopefully!) be posting pictures of Dolly's litter soon!  :)

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Julie said...

Hi Emily,
Thank you for your note! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I love reading other rabbitry blogs so I've subscribed to yours and look forward to updates from the rabbitry!
Thanks for reading. :)