Monday, August 22, 2011

Dolly's Babies

Dolly's babies are doing super!  The peanut only made it a couple days, but that was expected anyways, even though it was sad.  The other three are doing great, all black banded!  They are getting plump and a little fuzzy fur is appearing now.
When I went into the rabbitry on Saturday morning to do chores, there was Dolly sitting in her cage with a mouthful of fur!  I was thrilled!  I had always wanted to be at a bunny birth.  :)  I've been at goat, sheep, cat, chicken, etc., births, but never a bunny!  She began pulling lots of fur out and in about 1 1/2-2 hours they were all born.
                                                      Pulling fur...

Putting the fur in the nest box

Making a nice nest...

Having the babies... (at this point I could here them squeaking in there).

Finishing up


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