Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just enjoying the ride :)

Raising bunnies has been somewhat like a roller coaster for me!  :)  I can remember coming in from bunny chores to mom and crying because I wasn't EVER going to get a litter!  That was in the beginning when Bella didn't get bred the first time, so then when she did get bred, it was 31 days and I was sure that she couldn't even have babies!  But she waited to the last... day 32.  I think I lack patience, maybe?!?!  I remember wondering what it would be like to actually get a LITTER! 

I just came in from taking my 4-week-old photos of Dolly's babies.  I am just, well, HOPPING around I'm so excited with this litter!  They are all looking gorgeous!  Yeah!  But then... tomorrow I might find a black spot behind someone's ear and, well, that's that.  =/   A lot like a roller coaster, huh?  :)

But the ups definitely make up for every down.  Definitely.  Like seeing how well this litter turned out today.

I mentioned before that I was taking the 4-week-old photos of Dolly's litter.  They are actually 5 weeks old, but I lost count somehow, and the lucky little things got a whole extra week before being weaned!  =o  No wonder Dolly was getting a little crabby with them!  They sure are fat, though, anyways. 

I talked to my bunny friend, Debbie, for a while the other night.  I always LOVE talking to her or anyone whose raised bunnies for a while.  It is definitely an "up" of raising bunnies!  I get off the phone just PUMPED and wanting to have 20 rabbits! my Dad's dismay!  I think I'll just forget about telling him "I WON'T get attached to them if I can jussssst have bunnies!" when I was trying to convince him to let me start a rabbitry.  :)

Anyways... that's just some ramblings about what's goin' on around the rabbitry today!  I'll be posting my photos of the babies soon!

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