Monday, September 26, 2011

A quick update on my little herd...

Comic - doing great!  Finished his molt and looks beautiful!
Bella - doing great!  Starting her molt.
Dolly - Raised 4 beautiful babies this summer.  I'm thinking about trying for another litter.  Not sure yet, though....  And I have to say that I have been really surprised, and happy, with this little doe.  She has produced some really gorgeous babies. 
Mickey - KEEPING!  Yahoo!   I am so excited to breed with this awesome little buck!  Here he is:
I loooooove his head.  He's got a lot of Comic's great characteristics.  All though this photo defnitely does NOT do him justice!  He was being very uncooperative while I was trying to take pictures of him!  :(   And the best part about Mickey is his absolutely AMAZING temperament.  He's the friendliest little bunny you'll ever meet, in my opinion!  Sooooo sweet.  :)  I actually have to push his head back into the cage because he always sticks it up to be scratched when I'm trying to shut the door!  On Fridays when I have kids who want to hold the bunnies, I always hand them Mickey.  :)   Anyways... I'm super excited about breeding with him and just getting to keep this adorable little guy.  :)

So... that's a quick update in my tiny, but growing, herd!  We'll see if I end up keeping any from the latest litter.  Still thinkin' about that one.... :)

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