Friday, September 9, 2011

Shedding :(

The bunnies are shedding right now.  It's the first time the I've ever had that happen since I got them.  At first when Comic started shedding I kinda freaked out because I didn't know WHAT was wrong with him NOW!  (Duhhh!)  =]  A more experenced rabbitry owner told me he was shedding.  Oh!  Of course. 
Now Bella is starting now that Comic is finishing up.  The worst part is the fur that floats around in their cages and sticks to everything and makes everything look untidy.  :(  I can't stand that!  :(  So I'm scrubbing cages a lot more than once a month.  :-/  Oh well. 
Plus the rabbits look so ... well, ugly! But I must say, now that Comic is almost finished, he does look really nice.  :)

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