Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introducing..... Veronica!

So this is my new doe I came home with from the show.  I got her from Debbie McLaughlin (Hidden Habit Rabbitry) and she is drop-dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!  Can't get over her, I am THRILLED to have her in my herd!!!!  She's about 8 weeks old, and a 1/2 sister to Mickey... EXCITING!


This little doe is amazing - she has a "doe head" and ears, but her body.... SOOOOO ***full*** and rounded and wide, love love love it!  She does have a black spot on her ear so can't be shown, but I can't wait to see her babies!  I am thrilled to have Veronica join the herd.  :-)


Bethany said...

Why can't she be shown because of the black on her ears?

Congrats, by the way, at doing so good and the rabbit show!!! =D

Emily said...

Thanks Bethany! Any black on a Dwarf Hotot other than the eyebands is a disqulification. (As well as other things like spots in the eyes, missing toe nails, etc.) :-) They can still be used for breeding of course though, so I'm excited to show her babies!