Monday, October 22, 2012


I am SO excited about the latest addition to the rabbitry!  This little buck will be my replacement for Thumper, and yet another "Mickey jr."!!!  Jasper is out of, yes, Mickey, and another one of my homebreds that Julia Aamot owns, Hoppin' Hotot's Ruby!  ...who is one gorgeous show doe.  :-)  Jasper is looking so absolutely amazing, and I am THRILLED to have him in my herd!  Can't wait to show this little guy, and see how his babies turn out!  (Although that will be a ways down the road, he's only 11 weeks old).  :-) 

Introducing...  Hoppin' Hotot's Jasper

Amazing head, depth, width, fullness...EVERYTHING on this little guy!  And he's a SWEETIE.  I keep finding myself unconciously calling him "Thumper".  :-)  What a sweetie.  <3
And a big thanks to Julia for parting with him!! :-)
I will get an official photo of him posted soon.  :-)


Julia said...

I am so glad you are happy with him!! Oh, yes, he is SUCH a sweetie. :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment Julia! Yes, he's *perfect!* :-) Love him! :)