Monday, October 1, 2012

MN State Convention Results!!!

Wow... it was such a fun day at the MN State Convention!  I was up at 5:30 and Dad and I left by 6:30AM so we got there right when the doors opened and met Julia and her mom and set up "camp".  It was a VERY LONG wait, though!  I think it was around 1:30PM until Dwarf Hotots FINALLY got judged.  I was SO nervous!  Sr. Bucks were up first of course... Mickey took second place out of the 7 bucks!  The judge said he would have gotten first if it wasn't for his coat... which I kind of knew was coming, since his coat looks pretty rough right now (molting). :(   But I was excited for him to get 2nd place!   Then Sr. Does - Julia and I were the only ones who entered a Sr. Doe - Julia's doe, Hoppin' Hotot's Ruby (who is Mickey's half-sister) got first and Zahara got second, of course.  ;-)  Jr. Bucks- Thumper did get DQ'd as I was expecting. :-(    But the REALLY exciting news from the jr. buck class.... Mickey's son, Julia's buck "HFR's Bandit" took FIRST place!!!  YAY Julia!  I was so excited to see Mickey is out producing himself.  But the best part was when BOB was being judged... and Bandit took BOB also!!!!  Congratulations Julia!!!!!!  Then Jr. Does - I got a pleasant surprise!  I think there were 5 jr. does in the class, and Trixi took a close 2nd place!  I was not expecting even her to do that well, so that was REALLY exciting!  I can't wait to show her again, she is really one nice little doe, and I hope to have her babies on the show tables soon, also.

So I came home with three 2nd place ribbons, some other odds and ends I bought there, and a new little doe!  ...who I will post about tomorrow. She is GORGEOUS!!!!

Now for some pictures....

Julia & I heading over to Susie Dapper's table, FINALLY the Hotots are up!

*Anticipation!*  (That is Mickey)

Judge Susie Dapper juding Mickey

Waiting with Trixi in the jr. doe class

Susie judging Trixi.

Julia after her big BOB win!

Trixi and Mickey.

Trixi's new "profile picture".  :)

Pictures of the new doe coming soon.....  :-)


Kelly Flading said...

Congratulations!!! How exciting :)

Lilya Litvak said...

Wow! Sounds like it went well! Congrats! :D

Emily said...

Thank you!!! :-)