Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Babies on the Way!

I'm happy to announce that four out of my five does are bred and I should hopefully be having a baby boom soon, if everything goes well.  Fingers crossed!  Soon it should be five out of five - Veronica is the one left, and I hope to breed her shortly. 
My mommas:

Trixi:  just looking as lovely as EVER.  She's bred to Vinson and due on the 28th.  First time mom!

Gorgeous.  :)

Veronica: well, had to put a picture of her in even though she's not bred yet - she's sooooo beautiful. :)
Pretty face :)

And I apologize for the crooked photo - blame my stubborn laptop!  I rotated it but it just didn't work when I uploaded it.  Oh well! 
This is Lily, who would NOT hold still for a picture, so here she is, being Lily, jumping around.  Bred to Vinson, too, and due on the 13th next month.  First time mom!

Blah..... giving me her "I'm-not-posing-I'm-just-going-to-sit-here-with-my-eyes-half-shut-and-stare-at-you" look.    Ah well, she's beautiful (....when she wants to be!!!)

Two *Very Lovely* ladies visiting with each other.... Trixi on the right, Veronica on the left.

Dolly...also bred to Vinson....(he's been busy! lol) due on the 15th of January.  Let's have a live litter this time, girlie!  Dolly is lovely...mother of a grand champion...what else can I say?  Love!

I had another pic of Dolly....that didn't upload either. Ugh!
Another crooked picture.  This is Princess.  Also bred to... Vinson(!) and due on the 7th next month. Go Princess!

This was one of those moments when you snap that "perfect pose" just in time before they move.  Gotcha!  Isn't she BEAUTIFUL??????  *WOW*  Drooling over this one.

And this is the guy behind all the trouble.... Vinson!  :)  May I brag a little?  Finally for the first time just about since I got him I got some decent photos of him.  Yay! 

GREAT shoulders on him.  LOVE his body!
 Drooling again.....he's compact, small, nicely rounded.....I won't keep going.  The picture says it all!  I only wish his head/ears were a little better.  They aren't awful, but don't compare to Mickey's. But...I'll take the body over the head/ears since most of the head/ears in my barn are pretty fantastic. :)

Love Vinny!  Love 'em all.  :)  And VERY excited to (hopefully!) have some little replicas - only even better - of these lovely ladies and gentleman running around soon. :)  Baby boom, here we come!

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