Monday, December 10, 2012

Bad news, good news...

My it's been a long weekend.  :-(  Saturday was a hard day when I lost another baby from Princess' litter, the little keeper doe that was looking so awesome.  :-(   I also nearly lost Haylie.  I don't know what is wrong with the poor girl - maybe some of you other breeders would have some ideas - but she just quit eating and drinking.  She's skin and bones.  :'-(   I was sure I was going to lose her yesterday, she was barely even moving and wouldn't swallow when I tried to use a syringe to give her some water.  I almost decided to put her to sleep.  But, by some miracle, (prayers!) this morning she was alive and she actually ate *1* pellet!!!  It's a start.  :-)  Haylie is going to be 3 years old next month and I'm wondering if it is time for her to retire.  I hope she pulls through this, and then we'll just see how she's doing. 

Haylie in the heated milk room.  (aka, bunny hospital) ;)

Poor girl. :(  She's not herself at all. 

Attempting to syringe some water and probiotic into her.


Tempting her with carrots and banana.... she'll barely nibble at them though. :(

My two little doe babies left from Princesses litter.....

I'm not sure if that little one is a fader or not.  She is small, but she doesn't act like a fader.  Is eating pretty well, and is very active.  ?  Time will tell I guess. 

The big girl. ;)

....and runty. :)  She's so cute. ;)

For some *good* news now, Princess has been re-bred to Vinson, so I'm hoping for another try at a healthy litter from her.  Fingers crossed!
This is Trixi - she's a first timer and due the end of this month.
Giving me her best "Don't touch me I'm pregnant!" look.  :)

Veronica - hopefully will be getting bred end of this month. Lookin' lovely! 
It was a balmy zero degrees out this morning, and about 16 inches of snow!  It's a winter wonderland out there now! So beautiful!  :)  The boys and I had fun riding four wheeler in it yesterday. :)  We also attempted having our Great Pyrenees dogs pull us around in sleds, but it didn't exactly work as planned.... :-) 

All for now, will keep you updated on Haylie. :)


Julia said...

Oh, Emily! So sorry about the kit. :( I hope Haylie is feeling better soon. You can let me know whenever about Lily, she is 61/2 mon. old though, so she should probably be bred soon. Let me know!

Emily said...

Thanks Julia. I'm going to email you about her now - Haylie passed away this morning. :'-( Thanks for the comment!

House of Hotots said...

So sorry Emily. It is so heart breaking when we don't know what more we could do for them.

Emily said...

Thanks Kate. I know that's the hardest part, not knowing what else to do. Haylie wouldn't swallow any more so I couldn't syringe feed her or anything. :-(
Thanks for the comment!