Friday, December 14, 2012


Hoppin' Hotot's  LILY!!!

This is Lily.  :)  The exciting news is.... she's Haylie's DAUGHTER!  From THIS litter!  I have been trying for a while to get a keeper doe out of Haylie and Vinson, but never did, and then Haylie died. :-(  Well, that is for this girl - she was the one that I almost did keep, but then because of a space issue I sold her to my friend Julia.  Now, Julia's family is going on the road, I have space (lots of it, too!) and Julia was so sweet as to sell her back to me. :-)  I'm THRILLED. :)  Thank you Julia!  :)
OK, the pictures do NOT do her justice at ALL. This black fabric I use as a background is super slippery and she kept sliiiiiding way out, so she looked like a pancake.  She's really nice and compact, but looks quite long in these photos! 
Here she is.."help!  I'm sliding!"

Just a cute pose...

This one is OK....she's still stretched out though.

Finally I put her on a towel, so sorry about the lame background but at least she had some grip. :)
Lily reminds me so much of her momma, Haylie. <3  She has great shoulders, is built like a brick, and has a cute doe head/ears too.  She is going to make a great brood doe!

Here she is posed naturally in her this is what she looks like! :)
I'm going to breed her to Vinson hopefully within a week.  She's still getting warmed up to the new home though. :)  She's six and a half months old and will be a first time mom...*shivers!*  I am going to have THREE first time moms kindling in the next month(s)!  Yikes!  That's a "first" for me too.  :-)  LOL  Hope it all goes well with them.  Veronica, Trixi, and Lily, of course.  Go girls!
And speaking of girls going, this is my little nameless doe who is still doing great.  :)  (I know, she needs a name.)  She's eating (yay!) and drinking and is overall a sweetie.  And of course she's getting an overdose of attention (if there's any such thing!) since she's my ONLY baby in the barn. :-)  Runs up to the door for attention when she seems me.  Love.  <3

Will be busy this afternoon.  I have a total of five does in the barn that will all (Lord willing) be having babies in the next month or two.  Two are bred and I'll hopefully have the next three all bred shortly!  I need to get cages cleaned, pans emptied, and nest boxes scrubbed and ready for the baby boom.  :-)


Paige said...

I'm glad you got such a GORGEOUS replacemnt ;)

Hooray for Baby Booms!! lol

Emily said...

Thank you Paige! :-) I love your buns too!! Hooray for baby booms is right! :-D Hope to have a big one soon, I need it! Things look so empty right now! :-(

Julia said...

I am so glad you are happy with her! Excited to see how her babies turn out! Have you decided which buck you will breed her to?

Emily said...

Thanks Julia, I love her! Can't wait either. :-) And yes, I asked Debbie what she thought and she said Vinson this time, and then Jasper next time (or when he's old enough.) So, I'm actually breeding her today! She's in heat - yay! :-)

Book Bunny said...

You got very adorable bunnies there! :)

Emily said...