Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pictures and Updates

Hi!  This is Emily, I actually write on this blog....sometimes. :)   I know, posts have been few and far between lately.  Life has been busy.  I'm hoping to be adding a couple new litters to my busy-ness in the next few days.  Lily is 31 days as of today, and I'm just praying she won't have babies overnight when I'm not there to check on her, especially with the below zero temps. :(  Fingers crossed. And Dolly will be 30 days tomorrow, so I'll be expecting her babies, hopefully, in a couple days.  (She tends to go 32 days).

Some bunny pictures!

My two ladies due: Dolly on the right, Lily on the left.
Dolly on top of her castle...err...nest box.
Lily's *perfectly arranged* nest....looks amazing for a first timer!  :D  She spent a long time making it, and nearly buried herself in the process. :)

Veronica, who should have her own nest to brag about in about 30 days. :)

And now......ta da......PUPPY PICTURES! =D 

All *11* pups snoozin' together.

Awwww....sweet face!  <3
Taking a cat....errr....dog nap. :)
Love this little girl!
Miss Cutie Pie again :)

They are learning to walk!  (Walk, walk, roll, walk, tumble, walk, walk....)
LOL Gotta love those little tails waddling around. =)
Saying hello
Cuteness :)
A little blury, but still oh-soooo-cute! :)
That's in my hand....and arm....they are getting huge! 
Fat lil' chunk.  :)
This one reminds me of her Daddy.  :)
Follow the leader?
Whenever Princess (momma) comes in from her outside time, allllll the pups start howling for her
and attempting to get out of their box.  It's hilarious!  You should hear their howls, barks, yelps, squeaks.....LOL
LOL Such cuties! 
***Update on Lily***
Lily kindled three banded babies this morning, but....due to the cold, and that the kits were VERY large (the one was 4 inches long...HUGE) none survived.  :-(  So bummed...and discouraged, it seems like it's been forever since I've had a live litter.  MN winters and bunnies just don't seem to be a great combo.  :-(  *sigh*
I'm glad Lily is OK, though.  The poor girl really had a tough time getting the one especially huge kit out....I was worried I would lose her, the baby was bruised and not looking to great (and not alive of course) when she finally go it out.  She really did a wonderful job, though,  and if it wasn't for the cold I know this lady would have been, and still is going to be a wonderful mom.  Pulled a nice fur nest and everything.  Such a bummer....next time... maybe.  :(

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