Thursday, May 17, 2012


Oooooooh I am SOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Can you tell???)  Haylie had BABIES yesterday afternoon!!!  Not only did she have BABIES, but they are all ALVIE, there are NO peanuts, there are NO sports, they are all absolutely PERFECT, and .... there is FIVE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it!?!?!?!

I am so in love with Hayile.  All these babies have fat little bellies and they look SO good!  And five of them!  I'm just so excited!  Haylie pulled a bunch of fur, too...

This is them this morning:

Aren't they beatiful?!??!!!!  This is the first litter that has survived that Haylie has had in 5 months, so it's just wonderful.  I am so excited about this match (Vinson is the sire).  Can't wait to watch these babies grow up, I hope everything continues to go well with them!  Haylie sure surprised me... I wasn't even sure if she was bred ... so much as for my palpating skills... LOL!  Well, I'm learning. ;)  I still can't figure out how she tucked all those babies away in there.  Didn't look she had five to me, but hey, I'm not complaining!  Good job Haylie!!!

I have a whole bunch of draft posts waiting to be published right now, so check back soon.  ;) 

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