Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Babies & Selling Out

The days are getting warmer around here, so the babies - 4 weeks old now - are out in the pen during the day with momma.  They are enjoying all the room!

Things are coming together for selling out of the bunnies.  I only have seven left - not including Mickey, of course - and they will all be going to homes by the end of this month.  I also will be selling all the cages, and it looks like I have a buyer for those.  Part of me is sad at parting with my little furry friends ;-) but I'm also super excited to be moving on to other things now.  And besides...how can you be sad when you have this little face around!?!?  I love Mickey!  :-)  He will be one spoiled pet.  <3 

Mick & I at a rabbit show last fall ;-)


Theresa said...

The babies are so cute!!! Andrew will be sad not to visit and see all the bunnies. Hugs!

Emily said...

Thanks Mrs. Stimpert! Yes, I've been enjoying having the adorable babies around. :-) Not for long, though...they go to new homes this weekend! :-( Good to see you today!