Monday, March 11, 2013


Jasper will be going to his new home tonight.  I just had to take some pictures of him before he left, oh wow, has he improved!  He is really going to be an awesome show buck.  I can't believe how WIDE he is!!!


I'm glad he'll be going to a great home with a new breeder!


The Kings said...

He's gorgeous! I know he'll do well with his new owner. :-) Wish transport would have worked out for us.

Emily said...

Thanks Lindsey!
I know, me too. :-(

This Family of Ten said...

Oh, I am sad to see him go. :( Still wish I could have bought him. I can't wait to get back and (hopefully!) do another breeding between Ruby and Mickey. :)

Emily said...

I know, wish you could have gotten him too! :-( But I'm selling all of my cages so I wouldn't have had a place to keep him. ;)
Yes! Can't wait for you to get back either. We'll have to do that breeding! I have someone who wants to get one from you (my Aunt, actually - she wants to get one from each of us to breed since i don't have two for her) so we'll have to talk and see if something could work out there.
How's it going? You'll have to send me an email udpate. ;-) Been thinking about/praying for you! :D

Julia said...

Oh yay!! Is your aunt getting a bunny from you? Which one?? Yes, I will email you an update!! I didn't realize that I used the family blogger account... I thought I was signed into mine!!! :) lol