Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My New Setup!

Here it is!  I finally finished getting everything cleaned out and set up on Sunday.  All the rabbits are sold except for three: Mickey, Lily and LuLu.  Mickey is staying, of course, LuLu will be going to her new home this week (she's in a big pet carrier temporarily) and Lily will be staying a couple more months. I'm going to breed her to Mickey for one more litter.  Since her first litter didn't go so well,  I want to be sure she is fine before selling her.  I bought Mickey a nice cage and pan, and already had one other portable cage/pan for Lily. So they are all set up in the corner of the rabbitry.  :-)  Someone is coming to look at/potentially buy my stand and cages tomorrow!  I think I will probably keep blogging until Lily has her litter, then I will shut it down.  (I probably won't be blogging much, though!)  We do have a farm blog if any of my readers want to keep in touch and I do post on it occasionally.  http://housmanfarms.blogspot.com 
Here is a really terrible picture of my set up.  I took it this morning when it was still dark out so the lighting is pretty awful!  Will post better pictures soon.  :-)

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