Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Homes

Today a little buck from Dolly's last litter went to a new home with Jena who lives in Wisconsin.  He is going to a great home and I can tell he'll be a spoiled bunny!  :)  It's always a little sad seeing the furry little bunnies going away, but I'm always happy to see them go to such great homes and it's especially fun when people email and let me know how they're doing... I love that!  ;)  And it's nice to have the extra cage space, which hopefully will be filled up again soon!  :)
Tomorrow the other little buck from that litter will head to his new home.  That leaves just the little doe!  She sure is a cutie.  She just LOVES getting her head scratched.  :)  And the litter turned 8 weeks old today, so she's ready to go!

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