Friday, October 21, 2011

In case you haven't noticed on my pages, I have three sweet little 9-wk.-old kittens for sale!  :)  They are all the happiest, healthiest, most playful and adorable little kittens you'll ever meet.  :)
They get lots of attention and are taken good care of.  They've all been handled a lot by kids and are totally people-friendly.  Their Mama is a great mouser and they will be too!  :)  I'm asking $20.00 each for them to good homes.

This is Minnie...

Minnie is SOOOOOOO adorable!  She is a cuddly little girl, but her favorite thing to do is play... she loves to play and just roam around.  She's very adventerous!  :) 

This is Mister....

Mister is SUCH a sweet, gentle, laid-back little kitten!  He just loves to snuggle and hang out.  He would be a great one for kids.  :)

This is Moustache....

Moustache is too much fun!  He's SO playful, but he also LOOOOOVES attention!  He purrs and purrs whenever I pick him up.  :)  He's so friendly!  Not to mention he's so cute!  :)

Contact me if you're interested in giving one or more of these cuties a good home!  :)

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