Monday, October 17, 2011


Ahhhh.... there is NOTHING like a clean, and I mean reeeeally *CLEAN* rabbitry!  :)  I just cleaned my rabbitry and it is SO nice.  I usually clean it once a week on Thursdays, but then I have a BIG clean about once a month.  :)  So  I started at the beginning and scrubbed all the cages with hot soapy water then rinsed them. I set them out in the grass to dry off.  And because I only have two pet carriers to put the bunnies in while I am cleaning their cages, I had to put the bunnies in their cages in the grass while they were drying off.  It really was a cute sight... all the sparkling cages lined up in the grass with white bunnies hopping around enjoying the sunshine.  :)  So then I cleaned up the latest collection of rabbit pebbles and put fresh straw down after mopping the floor.  Then all the bunnies got put back and I scrubbed their dishes.  ....and broke three of them in the process!  ={  Oops!  And I did a few other odds and ends... wiped down the shelves, swept down cobwebs, and hung up hutch cards.  I've found hutch cards to be really nice!  I got the idea out of a bunny book I read... they are just little cards I hang on their cages.  So for Dolly I have one that says when she is due, when to give her the nest box, etc.  It works great!  That way I'm not always having to run to the calendar to double check things.  :)
So... anyways... that's just what's been up around the rabbitry.  :)

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