Friday, November 23, 2012


I finally got around to taking some decent pictures of Jasper (aka Thumper) last week, and now I'm finally getting around to posting them!  :)

What can I say - the pictures say it all.  This guy is GORGEOUS!!!!! 

Love <3


The Kings said...

Awe!! There he is! :-) Here's a note Diva wrote...
"Dear Jasper,
I think you are really cute! We...or I should say..I, (don't tell the other girls, ok?) would love for you to move in next to me so I can stare at you all day long. *snicker* This little barn in the east TX piney woods isn't so bad. Mom gives us lots of treats and sometimes if we're really good we get to run in the house too. Be good to Emily and just know that you have an open invitation to come for a visit anytime.
Many *bunny kisses*,

LOL!! Couldn't resist. ;-)Poor Diva, her buck neighbor sprays her, she doesn't like him much, going to have to move her to a different cage today.

Emily said...

"Dear Diva, are really tempting me! I think I would like it there. Mom's dad thinks I should come down next week! But...Mom isn't so sure about that yet. ;-) However, I'll see if I can talk her into it since I don't think I'd mind staring at YOU all day, either.
Love, Jasper"

LOL! Love it, Lindsey! :-)

The Kings said...

Teehee! Our bunnies are funny...I'll have to relay the message to miss Diva darling. ;-) Love all the pretty faces in your newest post! Best of luck for your spring shows!

Emily said...

LOL! That they are. ;-)
Thanks! I'm SO excited for spring shows - I hope to have a lot of really great buns to show! ...we'll see. :-)