Saturday, November 24, 2012

Faces in the Rabbitry :-)

10 of my 13 holes are currently filled.  I just love all my "faces" in there right now.  :)

All the buns.  <3

Haylie - my big ol' faithful momma.  :)

Dolly - like mother, like...son.  Mickey's mom. Love this tiny litle doe! 

Snowflake - a baby going to her new home soon. 

Princess - who has the four babies right now.  Just love this little lady!  <3

Jasper - my future show hopeful! 

Muffin - another baby going to a home soon.

Mickey - need I say more?  Love Mickey!

Veronica - lovvvverly doe that will be having babies soon.

Vinson - cutie, but not being very photogenic.  =) 

Trixi - sooo gorgeous!  Will be getting bred quite shortly.  Can't decide if it should be Mickey or Vinson as a hubby, though! :)

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