Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ahhhhhh! Frozen water dishes. :'-(

Let's does that song go?  "It's the most wonderful time of the year...."  I love that song, only, I don't exactly feel it's so wonderful when the cold weather sets in, despite how much I love Christmas time!  Frozen fingers doing chores, frozen "kitsicles" in the wire, frozen water buckets, ... frozen water dishes.  Yesterday I was thrilled to have the first frozen water dish of the year.  Actually, 13 of them.  So fun!  So I got out my spares I remembered to buy at the last show, put all the frozen ones in the milk room where they could thaw, put the new ones in their places and grabbed my watering can to fill them all up.  Oops! That was frozen too.  So I head over the the water buckets.  Oh, never mind.  Nothing there but ice too.  So....I go up to the house, find a different watering can, fill it up with warm water from the house, bring it back out, etc..... ahhhhhhhh.  Can't wait to do this all winter!  LOL  Oh well, I'm getting into a routine now.  :)   And yes, I will start loving winter again, it's just this beginning part and getting into a freezing cold routine that's not as fun!  :)

Yesterday morning it was TWELVE DEGREES out and SNOWING when I went out to do chores at 6:30am!  I do love the snow, it's so pretty!  :)  I was worried I'd find kitsciles, though, but nope, all four babies were snug as a bug in a rug!  Or as snug as baby rabbits in a furry nest.  :)

My lovely frozen dishes. :)

Snow :)

Captain - one of our great pyrenees dogs.  (Will have puppies born on Christmas!)

Cap again

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