Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Updates

So... a lot has happened that I haven't had time to post about!  I was hoping to have three Christmas litters, but it's looking like I'm just going to have one.  =(  Dolly kindled two babies a week or so ago, and neither survived.  :'-(  I tried reviving them when I got there but they were already gone. :(  *sniff sniff*   And then, Miss Haylie got her nest  box a week ago and has been doing nothing but eating the hay out of it and using it as a litter box. Ugh!  And I've palpated her and I really don't think she got bred, unless I'm in for a big surprise (which I wouldn't mind:).  =(  So...that left things up to Princess, a first time mom.  And she has been totally crazy through her pregnancy....super protective and just about attacks anything moving in her cage.  Eeeek!  So I was wondering if I'd have ANY babies for Christmas!  Wellllll....Miss Princess surprised me and when I went out to do chores a few days ago, there was a beautiful nest with a PILE of fur (she pulled herself bare!) and four PERFECT banded babies in it!!!! YAY!  So, I'm very happy with Princess, who has been keepin' them babies fat n' happy. :)  There is one runt that I thought was maybe a peanut, but that one is doing much better and really hangin' in there.  They all have balloon bellies and are just the sweetest lil' thing ever. ;)  Pictures....

The day they were born :)

Them this morning...oh how fast they grow!  (And look at those bellies!)  lol

One super momma checkin' on her babies.

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