Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lovin' my Juniors

I sure have some hot juniors in the barn right now!  Can't wait for them to become seniors AND to show them in the spring, as well as their babies.  :)

This is, if you want to get an amazing rabbit, talk to Debbie McLaughlin. LOL  Her rabbits are so awesome!  I'm so glad I was able to get Veronica from her. This little girl looks super.  4 months old!

You gotta love that cute head!  It's really been filling out.


So lovely.  :)
And there's my super awesome junior buck, Thumper...I mean, Jasper!  This is so funny, he reminds me SOOOO much of Thumper, when I wrote out his cage tag, I actually wrote THUMPER on it without realizing it!  LOL  And that's what I call him too.  So I guess that's his nick name for now.  :)

Sooo handsome :)

You gotta love those teeeny ears and block head!  :)

He's staying sooo tiny!
And Trixi....actually she's a full blood sister to Thumper/Jasper, and it shows.  ;-) She looks great!  Just wish she wasn't quite so long in body type (but she'll be an awesome brood doe!) and her HQ is just a little pinched.  Hopefully she'll fill in some more.  And those ears...are a little longer than I'd like, but she's got an awesome head, shoulders, and you gotta love that high rounded topline!
I'm hoping to get her bred this week....*cheers!*


Hopefully I'll get lots of nice babies out of these juniors to show in the spring! 

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