Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahhh... nest boxes again! =)

This morning I happily gave Bella a nest box.  I am getting more and more excited to have little babies with each passing day!  Especially considering the fact that I lost the last litter and if these ones make it ok (and actually are born!), I will be so thrilled.  :)  To take some extra measures of precaution, this afternoon I ordered a heating pad (for pets:) ) to put in the bottom of the nest box.  I am hoping this will work out, although it's new to me and I'm not sure exactly what to expect.  :)  I ordered it with 2-day shipping, so I'm hoping it arrives before Bella decides to (hopefully) kindle.  In her past 2 litters she hasn't kindled until day 31 or 32, though, so hopefully it'll be fine.  But then, rabbits are full of surprises!  :)

I remember once I was looking up something about dwarf hotots on the Internet and came across some article or something that stated NOT to get dwarf hotots because they have a nasty temperament!  I thought that was pretty humorous!  It's true that not all dwarf hotots are sweet, but it all depends on how they are treated and how often/how they are handled.  Obviously if they aren't used to be held and cuddled, they aren't going to be very partial to it!  But they are the cuddly-est rabbit on earth when they are handled and cuddled daily.... which of course mine are! :)  I think the temperament of pretty much any bunny depends on how much it's handled, not because it's a certain breed. 
So... that's what was on my mind.  :)  I can't WAIT for the new hopefully soon-to-be-arriving babies! 


Julia's Baby Kittens said...

So excited for these kits too!!

Janice said...

I sure enjoy reading your blog Emily! Everything is so nicely written, and the pictures are adorable. I like the way your latest post is at the top, rather than having to scroll way to the bottom like some OTHER blogs! Gma

Emily said...

Thanks Grandma! :)