Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Waiting...

Well, there's not much to report these days, hence few blog posts!  But everything is going great.  I'm just waiting for my next litter to show up!  But I also have been enjoying just having the four around... chores are quick and easy, giving me more time for cuddling!  And I like to let the bunnies take turns running around the nice big open space in the rabbitry.  They love it!  And I feel better when they get exercise often... I can't stand leaving them cooped up in their cages constantly!  Even though their cages are nice and roomy.  Mickey loves digging.  As soon as I give him some "exercise time" he runs to the hay bale or straw bale and digs in it!  It's hilarious.... each rabbit has their own funny things they do!  It's so fun to watch each of their personalities.  :) 
So... not much new, but I will keep you "posted", literally!  :) 

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