Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, it sure has been chilly out!  You know that when the rabbit's water starts freezing... =(  So I now have a system going... I keep their water pail in the milk room by the heater and have two sets of four dishes that I rotate every day so they always have fresh water.  It makes things a little more complicated, but oh well!  :)  The first time they were frozen, poor Comic was sooooo thirsty when I gave him fresh water.  I felt so bad, so I'm making sure that does NOT happen again.  :)
We actually got 3 or 4 inches of snow on Saturday!  On Friday I had a major "bunny" afternoon.  I cleaned out the manure, clipped everyone's nails, wormed everyone, and.... scrubbed cages!  I thought I was really being brave scrubbing cages outside with the hose and soapy water in the freezing weather.  Then it SNOWED the next day and, oh boy, was I ever glad I hadn't waited until the next day like I almost had!  Then the thought occured to me that I will get to do that at least 4 to 6 more times this winter.  Thoughts if scrubbing cages in 2 feet of snow are chilling, literally.  But it must be done and I'm all about the rabbitry being CLEAN, so.... ={

After finally finishing all the chores I gave each bunny a handful of grass hay to nibble on.  Then I stood back in my clean rabbitry and just watched and listened to them enjoying the hay in their sparkly cages.  It was so cute..... all my work was paid off.  :)  I'll admit I started my rabbitry more just as a business, but it is definitely becoming more something I actually enjoy and love now.  Rabbits have so much personality and they are just so much fun!  :) 

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