Monday, August 6, 2012

Friday: Cleaning Day

The Rabbitry

Friday mornings are usually my cleaning day.  I clean all week, every day, but Friday is my BIG cleaning day.  That is the day when I scrub cages, empty and scrub pans, scrub dishes, organize and re-organize and.... the list goes on.  :-)

Trixi looking cute

I usually start with emptying and scrubbing pans. Now I have big 5-foot pans, so it's quite the chore.  They get spot-emptied during the week, but on Fridays I empty all the bedding into the wheelbarrow and scrub 'em up.  That means spraying out with the hose, scrubbing with hot soapy water, spraying with the hose, spraying down with hydrogen peroxide, spraying down with the hose, and.... filling up with fresh bedding.  :-)  They do look nice when I'm done.  :-)

Look at all those babies!  'Ain't they just adorable?!?!  :-)

Then it's scrubbing cages.  I usually do the top row one week and then the bottom row the next week. But if any especially need to get cleaned, they get that too.  I spray them all off with the hose and scrub all the hay and everything off them, scrub with hot soapy water, spray with the hose, spray with hydrogen peroxide, spray with the hose... and repeat as many times as necessary.  :-)  LOL  It's quite the chore, and I'm usually pretty wet by the end of it, too.... which isn't too bad if it's 100 degrees out! ;-)  And yes, those shiny, sparkly cages look just lovely when I'm done.  :-)

Oreo making a face at the camera... LOL!  I caught him in the middle of licking his lips or something!  ;-)  And my goodness - as a side note, if you are looking for a wonderful, darling, adorable little pet.... Oreo's your man.  :-)  Cutest little sport buck ever, and such a cuddly sweetie!  Most adorable markings.  Love him!  =P

After the big things, pans and cages, are out of the way, I focus on tidying up, organizing, and doing miscellaneous things like washing walls, dusting cleaning nest boxes,... whatever!  Friday morning is a busy time in the rabbitry! 

Some other pics I snapped last Friday....

Miss Lily, going to a new home on Thurdsay.

Zahara, doing an amazing job with her four precious babies, and wondering why everyone one the bottom stack is getting all the attention!  Besides, she hasn't had breakfast yet, and SHE's the one with four babies! 

Vinny - such a cutie!  Checking out the new girl next door.  ;-)

Zahara's four sweeties - they are just adorable.  And have a knack at getting out of the nest box, out of the cage, and forcing poor worried me to search for missing baby bunnies all over the rabbitry floor in the morning - at this age!  =(

"Duchess" - she's my only kitten left, the others went to new homes, and I'm keeping her.  Here she's enjoying relaxing on my bag of wood shavings. She napped for about an hour while I cleaned!  :-)


Princess digging into her hay!  This girl is an eater!  =D

Sweet little Cookie.

Mother/daughter look-alike! Dolly and Cookie.

Chocolate Chip - enjoying a break from raising babies and getting pampered with treats.  She's itching to get bred, but I want her to have a break first.  :-)

Milo - looking sleepy in the corner.  :-)

Regina just hanging out.

Look at those dark eyes!

And we'll end with this... Princess atacking me!  Just kidding - I caught her in the middle of a yawn and a stretch when I woke her up form her nap.  :-)  Cutie!

Most of my older babies have gone to new homes this last week, and the next few batches will be ready in 1-3 weeks.  Check out the for sale page on my website as I post some new ones!

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House of Hotots said...

I must have missed this post. I didn't realize you had pictures of Princess. She is such a darling!