Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My little Princess has really been blossoming into a beautiful gal!  She went through the uglies, which was very ugly and got kind of long.  But she is really shaping up, her head is coming (back) in, and looking like a Princess!  :-) 

Princess has a knack at getting out of her cage.  For about a week, she was out every time I went out to do chores, running around looking very happy.  Thankfully she's just a sweetheart, so catching her is easy, she just runs right up to me.  :-)  Eventually, for fear of a cat getting in, I have to lock, literally, her cage shut.  :-(  She still tries to get out, though, as you can see.... there's not much left of the duck tape.  :-(  ugh!  This girl.  LOL  Cutie!

Regina is due any day now.  Hoping for a big, healthy litter!  This will be her last litter with me.... go girl!

Will post some pics of my adorable little 2 1/2 week old babies soon.  They are the cutest!


Jenny said...

Princess sounds like an escape artist. Scissor clips or bolt end snaps might work to secure her door so you don't have to put a lock on it. You can usually get them at horse tack stores or maybe walmart for the snap. Good luck. Love your blogs.

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment, Jenny! :-) I do have clips for the rest of the cages, but I got them at Runnings and they didn't have enough for all my cages. :-) So i've been meaning to get more but hadn't gotten to it, and Princess gets right through my homemade clips. LOL Yep, she is an escape artist, that's for sure! ;-)